From project planning about collaborative material selection, to the details, such as tags and sew-in labels, InBetween is your hands-on partner for the production of high-quality leather jackets, bags, trousers, skirts, wallets and belts – all done in close cooperation with your designers.

Through years of working with regular suppliers, factories and freight forwarders in China, India and Germany, you can rest easy, knowing that you can trust us throughout the entire production process to the final delivery.

Leatherworking is a tricky and unique form of apparel manufacturing. Fortunately for you, we have been doing it for a long time. As a result, we have not only a wealth of experience in the selection and processing of leather, but have also mastered the technique of combining leather with other materials such as wool, cotton and even fur.

We maintain a well-established network of partners and factories on-site, and can test your designs quickly and reliably, thus being able to find the best possible way to implement your desired creations.

Constant quality checks ensure that you can rely on sizes, colors and processing. Therefore, we are locally forging ahead with additional teams that are specially trained to deal exclusively with the inspection of finished products. Regardless if you place an order for a few items, or if your order is for a large supply of items in different sizes and colors, we are able to reduce the return rate to a minimum - and by doing so, maximize your satisfaction.

Your designers have ideas – we have the know-how to implement them. In India as well as China, we have bespoke tailors on staff who can guarantee precise implementation of your designs. Naturally, graded variations are just as feasible as is making changes to already existing cuts.

Additionally, we have state-of-the-art equipment that allows for the printing of electronic files in all common formats and for further processing.

Our manufacturing facilities include nine factories in Delhi and three factories in China. Due to our high standards in manufacturing and years of collaboration, we can guarantee that you get the products that you have designed.

Of course we have high ethical standards in selecting our partners. Fair wages, healthy working conditions and the strict rejection of child labor are our commitment to the countries in which we produce.

You will benefit from our know-how and post-production. The fast and reliable handling of freight with our shipping partners is also part of our service commitment to you.

We can also provide for the customized packaging of your products. This means that you to get your products how you want them, with your brand needs ready for retail.

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